Ombré Hair: Still Hot or Not Even Close?

Updated on Nov 20, 2012

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pink hair ♡
lavanderly on February 11
Half of my school mates have ombre hair. The fact is that it can look super pretty and stylish but on most of the population it's rubish, it look lazy and low maintenance in a bad way... That happens because some times people take fashion decisions based on trends, not on style.... Also, going from dark brown to ash blonde takes time, not everybody has patience so they end up with yellow blonde...
DanielleP0ptart on December 15
I love the whole blonde fading into lavender! It's probally my favorite hair color combination ever!
weater on December 14
who is ugly?
lovelyfriend on December 13
I just ombre-ed my hair in August, and I still love the look! I think it's ridiculous to rank a hairstyle as being trendy - if you like the way it looks, that's all that matters. who cares what some so-called trendsetters have to say.
BejuBeju on December 07
Classic it's still hot!
great outfit! love the combination! xoxo, Laura!
hanimej on November 30
nice one! XD
helenz (@helenzhu) on November 30
I think Ombre is still great on a rocker chick. Hot!
annajapitana on November 28
HOT! =P~
Crpana on November 28
lovely hair
LyssBlondish on November 28
ruijunluong on November 27
Wow i still love it n_n
thatlaitgirl on November 26
Awesome article! I've actually dyed the ends of my hair a lighter brown! :)
oohlaluxe on November 25
I have (subtle) ombre, I love it ad I will be keeping it for a while. Why? Because otherwise I've had the same hair since I was born lol, and ombre is basically the only "interesting" thing I can do with it. I actually want to lighten it or dye it another color. We'll see.
lovesexton on November 23
I am loving my ombre hair. I plan on keeping it this way for a long time!
Princess_ on November 22
I have ombre hair and I'm still in love with it, or maybe I'm too lazy to change it...
tightsenthusiast on November 21
I think it goes will with a punk look. I can't imagine someone dressing like Blair from GG wearing it this way. Maybe Blake Lively?
Riya131 on November 21
It still is in fashion, but colour your hair always depending on season with ombre look.
weirda on November 20
I just retouched my blue ómbre because I absolutely love it.
allicinwonderland on November 20
it's just kind of grown out bad middle school dye job to me
jenhz on November 20
I am so happy that they mentioned hair because I have been thinking of "ombre-ing" hair with pastel purple for awhile.
teenag3_dirtbag on November 20
I don't know I'm still really feeling the look., well at least when it's done the right way. I love Alexa Chung's because her haircut makes it super edgy but Christina Aguilera's on the other hand is not one I'm quite feeling; no offense Christina.
purplewang on November 20
I was THIS close to referencing Christina Aguilera, but I just couldn't.

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