What to Wear to the Airport: Look Fly While You Fly!

Updated on Jul 03, 2012

Comments (17)

vleschic on July 31
I´m flying nesxt week, and also riding a bus so this is AWESOME! the button up is a must!
Melancholycoco on July 23
<3 the style of Florence Welch
ManuelaClaudia on July 14
Cool look!
AnaClaudiaa on July 11
aw love thiss!
Mary_Marie on July 09
Wow.... so fashion!
deflorenflor on July 09
I usually wear jeans and some loose shirt, except when I'm getting back from a trip, if I bought anything, I wear it.
mrquacker on July 07
While this is a nice article for women to wear to/from the airport, what about chic airport dress for men? How much of Blasberg's Very Classy book would apply to men as well as women? Usually, when traveling by train (mostly for me) or by airplane, I usually wear a nice short-sleeve shirt, straw hat, large sunnies, and shorts (in the summer) or casual pants (in the fall/winter).
hermioni5 on July 07
Definitely food for fashion thought here. I'm saving it for future reference!
natyponders on July 05
I have think about all the time, browse inspiration in internet, nice to read about here. love the inspiration in the photos.
dizziebird on July 05
Comfy is the way to go! Comfy jeans, loose comfy top and a hoody. That's my fly style :)
KarenTaylor on July 04
When I traveled overseas regularly I was considered to be representing the company as the company paid for my travel and accommodations, so office casual was required. That still gave me a lot of leeway to be comfortable and still look good. Besides, if I looked good then I felt good!
NoseyNotions on July 04
This article drew my attention because I'm having a flight early next morning! :) I already have my outfit planned --- comfy and chic --- but this was interesting to read.
ThePageStaysBlank on July 04
I love the cover image for this article. You want to make sure you look chic but not too overdone for flying. I think a big key to airport chic is layers, layers, layers. That, and making sure your clothing fits correctly. Airports tend to have massive amounts of people in over-sized clothing. Looking chic at the airport isn't that hard, it just takes some practice.
iheartny21 on July 04
long dress/skirt or tunic with leggings ALWAYS. I travel quite a bit and these are a must. Shorts, shorter dresses/skirts you risk freezing on an over air conditioned flight. My go-to comfy airport looks (and hell you might even get upgraded you look so good) are: spring/summer - maxi dress/cropped blazer and one piece of statement jewelry. Fall/winter: tunic over leggings/boots with a fur vest.
SierraColeLee on July 04
celebrities can wear anything and look good at an airport lol
F4SHI0N on July 03
Hah I still don't mind wearing blah clothes
DorisRussell on July 03
I dont really travel but I'll take your advice. I hadn'tthought about it that way but you have a point. I'm going tro put in a friend request to you if I can find the button.

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