Citrine for Monica

Updated on Nov 03, 2011
citrine necklace - stripes I heart ronson shirt - scarf
Stripes-i-heart-ronson-shirt-scarf-bucket-olivia-harris-bag Citrine-necklace-stripes-i-heart-ronson-shirt-scarf Citrine-necklace-stripes-i-heart-ronson-shirt-scarf Citrine-necklace-stripes-i-heart-ronson-shirt-scarf Citrine-necklace-stripes-i-heart-ronson-shirt-scarf
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jcpenney2 's Thoughts:

Each month we celebrate a different fashionista by hooking her up with a birthday birthstone. See how Monica rocked November’s stone, the Citrine.

Tell Us About Yourself
“eff my life!” also as seen in the censored initials, F.M.L., is an everyday curse at the wondrous thing called our world that we hear spoken constantly; doesn’t it feel that way sometimes though? “Ah! I broke my nail! FML!” Or “No size 7’s left? FML!” And “My boyfriend left me! Why-hy-hy-hy? FML!” It is life. So many bad times but lots of great ones, too. It got me to thinking; this usual slur of words pushing up my vocal chords and out into the public’s ear, reinforces me to feel hopeless sometimes! There is one thing that always makes me feel better, though; It is fashion! There’s nothing like slipping on my Chanel, neon flats and my vintage, Peruvian, llama vest with some denim cutoffs to head out for a brighter day (literally!). I started my blog F&ML: Fashion And My Life in December 2010 to document my time at Parsons the New School for Design in New York City. I turned it into a fashion blog, now at around 100 followers in counting, to share stories in my life and how fashion turns them all around!

So, what are you doing for your birthday?
My mom will be flying out to New York City to visit me! We will be doing some serious mother-daughter bonding by shopping around town. She and I will go try this new macaroon shop on the Upper East Side where we’ve been meaning to go together. Can you believe that I have never tried a macaroon? I’m sure it will be a wonderful time and especially when we visit my favorite steakhouse in Midtown for my birthday dinner! Filet oscar… mmm, yummy! Also, since my birthday is only a few days after Thanksgiving, I will be at home ‘pre-birthday’ to see the rest of my family and celebrate!

What was your best birthday ever?
My best birthday was when I was very little. I don’t even know how old I was. It is funny though because the memory is me waking up from my nap, not expecting anything, and coming downstairs to see my whole family there. I was really confused. Cake and presents? Hmm, must be my birthday! I must have been only about three!

Get the Look:
Worthington Tweed Skirt
I Heart Ronson Stripe Shirt
Mixit Plaid Earmuffs
Birthstone Genuine Citrine Pendant Silver
80%20 shoes
Gray Scarf
Olivia Harris Leather Bucket Bag

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Comments (9)

Joules on November 22
Love the greys, love the striped shirt, which looks incredibly cute on you.
bkgurl36 on November 10
Chelseabird on November 06
You look amazing!
KatrynKim on November 04
very nice look!love your shoes!:) +1
commonsenseandstilet on November 03
very cute!
SuzeV on November 03
love this!
cuteincorral on November 03
Lovely outfit.
maryiangge on November 03
cute boots!
madamushroom on November 03
love this, love greys
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