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Updated on Dec 12, 2008
Ryn jacket - Tsumori Chisato top - H&M scarf - vintage boots
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connie 's Thoughts:

Normally, I do not condone knockoffs. For one, they are mad tacky. Maybe yo momma doesn’t know that your quilted bag isn’t supposed to be made of plastic, but for us who do pay attention to nice things, WE JUDGE YOU.

Secondly, things about slave labor and intellectual property. I’m not going to lecture you. Look it up. Shit’s not cute.

But I am wholly against fashion being an elite art—everyone should be able to afford to look stylish, and since every piece of fashion or art is inspired by another piece of fashion or art, it’s hard to really classify things as “counterfeit” or just plain “inspired”.

My rule of thumb is if I can think of more than one designer who’s associated with pieces like it, it’s up for grabs.

My other rule of thumb? If the original is like $298471293827, and I REALLY WANT IT, then I will make an exception and make sure to credit the real designer every chance I get.

This Rick Owens lookalike is actually Ryn: and like 90% cheaper (it was still pretty expensive though D:), but I’ve been wanting a black drapey shearling jacket like SO BAD and my buddy Katie bought it at Wasteland first and I HOPPED ON THAT SHIT SO FAST OMG.

But if I could have afforded the Rick Owens, I would have gotten it. But a girl’s gotta eat, you know?

Comments (13)

Miller on December 30
amazing - as always:)
lisaden on December 29
hehe :) i get a kick out of reading your entries.
Verobaby on December 20
I agree with you on the whole slave labor shiz. I read an article about that in Bazaar and there was a part about kids legs getting pulled off because they wanted to play when they were suppose to be making the fake louie v's etc. Shit really isnt cute... and its true, you get for what you paid for..btw, love your blog and love your style!
connie on December 21
Thanks! I read the same article on my flight home and it's actually pretty horrifying. But the issue's pretty complicated and involves quite a bit of theory about economic stimulus and whatever, but bottom line: don't buy straight-up knockoffs.
UproarApparel on December 19
great scarf!!<3
ChicInspector on December 13
TOOO Cute!!!
bethin on December 13
so cute!!!!!! i lovethe red scaf
oui on December 12
u r 2 cute!
girl6_nyc on December 12
I Love it. I've been searching for a shearling exactly like that, is there anywhere on-line where I can buy this? thanks
connie on December 16
Ack, I don't knowww! It was such a lucky find for Katie. I'll keep my eyes peeled though.
Starrgirl on December 12
I completely agree about knockoffs! That jacket looks so good though I want it now..
Le_Trix on December 12
super CUTE coat!! I feel the same way. Normally I try to stay away ... I even spent a couple months deliberating over my Jeffrey Campbell studded heels that are every bit a Gucci knock-off!! But they're made well, feel great and do the trick! Sold! Plus $100 is so much better than $1600!!
awkwardgirl on December 12
agreed. and it's not like the whole world is gonna point a finger at you and be like "you're wearing a knockoff"! surely there are tons of girls that carry lv or chanel knockoffs
connie on December 12
Agreed. The thing that gets me about knockoff monogram things is that it's SO EASY to tell that it's fake--and if you're buying it FOR the monogram, isn't that a bit stupid?
h8nd5 on December 12
amazin coat love it!
Pink_Champagne on December 12
cute scarf
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