Top 5 Colleges for Fashion Majors

Updated on Jun 28, 2011

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MyAlexasStore on March 24
Great article! Lots of information in the comments also.
vintagelux13 on August 10
loved reading this article! chicagooo:)
ameliajin on August 08
thanks for this article!!!
Im_lolo on July 21
was not accepted to Fit broke my heart :(
topro on July 16
For any middle east people I would recommend Shenkar in Israel. Very well known for it's innovative designers.
LittleAcorns on July 15
I'm so happy to see AAU on that list! I'll be going there next year as a Fashion Major, and I couldn't be more excited!
saikoupsycho718 on July 15
ii'm going to columbia this fall for fashion! XD so excited!!!!! and then i wanna go to tokyo!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!
Alinka_ on July 15
Very very interesting article !! I wanted to study fashion business in the US, well thank you for helping !! +1
MariaAlyssa on July 15
I'm actually thinking of studying fashion abroad, some of the school in your list are already on my list too but I'm still looking for some more. Thanks for making this article. Very helpful :)
buttaflybyes on July 14
Proud to be a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology,NY! Why was it left out? Besides a lot of professors teach at F.I.T. and Parsons- so one does get a well round education in fashion ...creatively and technically.
cheena_doll1 on July 15
i want to go there next year more than ANYTHING!
headbandit on July 15
It's just because I only picked 5, and I already had one NYC school! Nothing against FIT, just trying to showcase a variety of schools.
gudetama on July 14
As a SCAD fashion student, I'm really excited to see my school on this list and I definitely recommend it!
Mermaiden on July 03
There is also IADT near Las Vegas, NV. Almost went there. Also-- attending FIDM in LA in the fall! Soo excited!
xoxskruxox on July 01
Although these are all great ART schools known for their impeccable art and design programs, there are other universities that also host equally impressive art and fashion majors while still being renowned "traditional" colleges. Three schools where you can major in fashion design are Syracuse University, Cornell University, and Washington University in St. Louis
headbandit on July 04
Thanks for your input--for the article I decided to focus on art-based schools because there are so many "traditional" colleges with fashion programs, it's hard to know which are the best! But I completely agree--you can get a fashion degree while studying other things at any of the schools you listed, and more.
Stefschoen on July 04
exactly! I went to Cornell University and studied Apparel Design! Not only was it a great program, but you were able to study and learn other things as well since its not only an art school.
freckleparty on July 01
i just graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Art University and although I wasn't a fashion major, I knew and worked with many people who were and they were always under pressure. AAU sets their stakes incredibly high for their students, even freshman undergrads. On the lighter note, their spring fashion show is incredibly;y beautiful every year.
AlexanderJames on June 30
Proud to be a Parsons acceptee! :D
headbandit on June 30
Lucky you!
FannieFlo on June 29
It´s a great article, I just love it, so I got a few questions... What about FIT in New York ,is it good? Well, I´m not from the U.S, so, is more difficult to get in?, or are the same chances to enter?
FannieFlo on July 03
thank you dear :)
headbandit on July 01
I've personally heard mixed reviews oF FIT--some people say they are more technically-oriented and not the best place for extremely creative thinkers. However, it is considered one of the top design schools in the country, and I'm sure they diversify with students from other countries. Here is a link to their website:
KaylaMeow on June 29
great article !
railophone on June 29
I wanted to go to SCAD sooooo bad, but I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, and my parents would never support me, so I'm settling for pharmacy school. Maybe I'll see if I can apply to SCAD after I've finished my pharmacy studies. It might be harder, but if I really put my mind to it, I'm sure I can do it. Fingers crossed!
teribi on June 29
aww. wish i could study in parsons...:) uhm, among the 5 in the list, which one's more affordable?
headbandit on June 29
Hmm, off the top of my head I would say Columbia.
thesimpletheory on June 29
love this article! i have a few friends at parsons now and they love it! and i know a RISD alum, she didn't go for fashion, but now she's a party planner and the events she plans are absolutely stunning!
Squarectomy on June 29
RISD. A dream.
Catherinee on June 29
if I could like this comment, I would.
Catherinee on June 29
Ah, still mildly upset that I won't be going to RISD this fall... I was accepted into the jewelry program (though denied from the dual degree program), but had to turn them down due to financial reasons. If anyone can afford it, I'd highly recommend it - their approach to fashion is definitely very artistic, and that's what I liked. Going into their apparel studios was breathtaking.
Catherinee on June 30
Arcadia University... studying in London this fall! Hurrah :)

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