Inspiration: The Chronicles of Narnia

Updated on Jan 03, 2011
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The other day, I went to the movie theater with my sister and I saw a preview for the movie The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I was completely inspired. My mind pieced together some of the styles that the characters were wearing in the movie with some of the styles that I see on my favorite chictopians. The styles from Narnia are completely chic this winter! This season it seems like everyone’s style is mirroring the styles of the White Witch, Aslan the lion, and the Pevensie kids. For all of you who are unfamiliar with The Chronicles of Narnia, they’re a series of fantasy novels for children. Written by C. S Lewis in the early 1950’s, it’s since then become one of the biggest phenomenon’s to grace the silver screen. When I saw the first movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I was completely enamored. The characters, the story line, the hidden meanings, and the wardrobe ( yes the wardrobe!) completely awe and inspire me. Fashion is an escape me for me. In the same way Narnia was an escape to the Pevensie kids. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Pevensie kids find a wardrobe that leads to the magical land of Narnia. The series proves that fashion is truly magic!

Aslan, the lion’s look is all about fur, fur, and more fur! ( Chictopians from left to right)

I included my look because I’m dressed in fur (faux) from head to toe! I thought my fur hood was very Aslan-like. To view this look:We’ll Frolic and Play the Eskimo Way To view more of my looks:violetheart
Gruhche is wearing a lovely medley of camel colors. What’s not to love about her coat and her fur stole?! To view this look:Foxy To view more of her looks: gruhche
Chichichicjb is wearing one of the most fabulous fur coats I’ve ever seen. I adore her use of the brooch! To view this look: { Dr. Zeus} To view more of her looks:chichichicjb
Bethanystruble is rocking the leopard print in her glam, oversized coat! How very feline of her! To view this look: Not Big Enough! To view more of her looks:bethanystruble

The White Witch’s style consists of white, monochromatic outfits, white fur, and fur stoles. ( Chictopians starting at the top from left to right ( minus the White Witch of course!)

Thehautepersuit looks so fierce in her white fur coat! To view this look: Litas Relaced To view more of her looks:thehautepersuit
BardotInBlue looks like a real ice princess in her all white outfit! Love the ear muffs! To view this look:Parisian Winter Wonderland- Jardin de Tuileries To view more of her looks: BardotInBlue
Annebeth looks stunning in her red dress and regal fur stole! To view this look: Christmas Glamour To view more of her looks: Annebeth
Denni looks like a winter dream with her adorable bun and white faux fur coat! To view this look: white faux furs To view more of her looks: Denni

The style of the Pevensie kids is very prim and proper. Collars, cardigans, dresses, and ties are very signature to their style. ( Chictopians starting at the top from left to right ( minus the actual Pevensie kids)

Paulinemma looks like an ethereal fairy with her beautiful, flower crown. To view this look:" In a Faraway Land-
To view more of her looks: Paulinemma
Llymlrs looks so cute in her little black dress! To view this look: wednesday addams To view more of her looks: llymlrs
IrisandDaniel, the dynamic duo look amazing in their bright colored sweaters with little collars peaking out. To view this look: Witch and Boy To view more of their looks:irisanddaniel
YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION looks completely chic in his bow tie ensemble! To view this look:#165 To view more of his looks:YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION
Fancytreehouse is pure loveliness in her blue dress and ruffled jacket! To view this look:Ruffles, flowers, & peter pan
Londondude stands out with the pops of pink on his suit! To view this look Been a busy couple of weeks….!! To view more of his looks: londondude

Looks like a fur coat is chic in Narnia and on Chictopia! ( Chictopians starting from the top going left to right ( minus the Pevensie kids)

Laura86 looks timeless in her fur coat! To view this look:It’s snowing! To view more of her looks: Laura86
HallieDaily is perfection in her dark fur coat! Adore it! To view this look: Is that going to be warm or cold?- To view more of her looks: HallieDaily
Horrorette looks like she just got back from Narnia! (Hence her blog title!) To view this look: Back from Narnia
LadyMoriarty put a modern spin on the classic fur coat! To view this look: I just saw Scott Pilgrim and it was wow! To view more of her looks: LadyMoriarty
Hawaiikidd looks purrfect with his adorable kitty tee underneath his fur coat! To view this look: J’adore Chanel, Coco Chanel To view more of his looks:Hawaiikidd

I hope you all enjoy!
to Narnia!
peace and love to all,
violetheart xxoo

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alinaceusan on September 06
this is one of the articles I've loved on chictopia ever since I was here <3 fav!
franloiacono on June 13
I've just noticed this feature...THANKS :D
h_diego on January 31
neat idea, love the aslan page :)
missinfluenced on January 30
this is cute. great idea.
Dansters on January 16
Love it! Such a cute idea
ACO on January 07
really cool!!
Pink_Champagne on January 07
What a great idea! I love the Narnia series! =)
ivaniadiamond on January 06
fantastic <3
crystaldots on January 05
Love, Love this concept!
SweetnSassy on January 05
Love this!
trickie1 on January 05
magali on January 04
Really love this! Great blog post. Going in my faves.
HoneyBunny on January 04
Oh, I adore Chronicles of Narnia and the feature is amazing!
irisanddaniel on January 04
haha love the theme of inspiration! thanks so much for featuring us. :)
FarizaOthman on January 03
Amazing write-up!!
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