Glass Houses

Updated on Oct 26, 2008
Glass Houses
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Viaudio 's Thoughts:

So I saw Nick and Norah and The Mummy 3 yesterday. I was going to hang out with Anna, but my phone like died and I can’t memorize numbers anymore (my mind’s too old for that). And I feel sick again and I wouldn’t want her to get sick.
Anyways. Halloween. We are going to learn the Thriller dance and make a huge crowd to do it in the middle of the street. It’s going to be totally awesome and I’m gonna put it on Youtube. Haha.
Or we will all join in a chorus of disjointed-man-voiced *DAMN*’s. And all will be well. Haha.
So yeah. Watched Cabin Fever today. Good movie, makes me wary of cabins and cops and kids with fake blonde mullets that scream “PANCAKES.” Very wary of those kids…
Good stuff. I’m reading this book, well several books, but this one is AMAZING. It’s called Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. It’s really really good. Especially if you read Twilight. Good stuff, man. Except she’s sixteen and a super brainiac in college, being threatened by popular chicks, running from vampires, and yelling at her parents. Not to mention that she lives in a house with three misfits that are all eighteen and she’s constantly being beat up (pushed down the stairs, getting acid poured on her, being held down and beat up, by popular leggy girls, of course). And this is my favorite part, she does not I repeat, does not fall in love with a vampire. Not like Bella at all. Very much better than Bella, I think. Because Bella’s got it in with good sweet vampires and she has nothing to worry about. But Claire. Damn. Claire is self sufficient, one year younger than Bella, already in college, and she’s on her own and being beat up, attacked, and chased by vampires. She’s just…Damn. I love er. So I tottttallllly recommend that book. Veryyyy much so. K. I’m done. Happy trails.

Dress- Forever21- $10 (Sale)
Cardi- Kohl’s- Dunno
Shoes- Delia’s- Dunno

Comments (10)

Ping on October 30
I like all these pictures and the dress looks good on you.
Bellalala on October 28
U look adorable! the shoes are really cute!
YoureWrongImRight on October 28
you have the oddest shoes, i love how cute they are. such a lovely outfit dear, i want to hug you cause your so damn cute LOL
rainelyn on October 27
what a sweet outfit. the little peep toe shoes are adorable. AND the thriller idea is fantastic. you MUST post a link to your youtube vid!
Erzsebet on October 27
Cute shoes, nice outfit
joannaladrido on October 26
you look fierce in red
satirist on October 26
regardless of what my friends said.. i loved nick and norah's. it was sweet and michael cera is perfect as nick. haha the color of this dress is beautiful
glamourstains on October 26
Cute dress and I love those shoes!
fayeangelica on October 26
Adorable dress! And your thriller dance idea for halloween is so funny! Definitely will be a good video!
goashleymon on October 26
those shoes are ridiculously cute. and your halloween plan sounds like so much fun.
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