Heels for Teens

Updated on Sep 07, 2008

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beckysvilla on February 28
blclaudia on July 11
i love it!
heelman on June 27
It doesn't really matter what kind of heel it is, just so I can masturbate with them and cover them with cum! Just my opinion.
Marsell on April 20
...tall girls who don't want to be extremely tall, but only look elegant? - My opinion. =)
Marsell on April 20
I agree, I say NO to those "don't shoes", however I can't agreee with those kitten heels. I like those kind of shoes, and I have a few pairs, and they are great, comf, and pretty. They are not kitch, and If you only want you can create a fashion-masterpiece with them. I know that high heeels look much better, but what about those tall girls...
SarahJaneR on December 19
love the shoes and jeans, nicw t-shirt too!
taylormonk on August 14
lisonbijouxlee on October 20
LOL. your posts are a delight to read :D they're funny but informative and i have to give you a thumbs up for the crocs :P i actually have '‘heels’ with a tiny nub at the bottom' and they aren't hideous but they don't look as nice as real heels - if only i could walk in heels all day without my feet killing :(
elec_tric on September 10
amen to the square toe bit. square toes = noooooooooooo.
synthetic_audio on September 08
This looks awesome. Youre hot.
elbeso on September 08
Simple and chic! I am in a green period right now!
only_cheapclothes on September 08
perfect tee, love AA
eve on September 07
Love your shoes...
littlemissR on September 07
uggh i can't stand kitten heels!
Gini on September 07
personally i looove your shoes.
ferociacoutura on September 07
Oh God, those 'sneaker heels'. *shutters* lovely post!
lapse on September 07
lol i like how half of its practical, like "don't wear stilettos" and the other half is like "don't wear ugly shoes" good post!
TeenUgly on September 07
haha i know. i figured i covered most of the actual advice part in the do's, so i decided to burn your retina's with fugly shoes. ;)
Charlotte19 on September 07
I couldn't agree more! I look at photos of people in heels on here and want to cry. I go to school (well, college) and am out everyday from 8 till 5 walking around and such. They may look great, but heels are suited for everyone.
TeenUgly on September 07
flats can still be fashionable! :)
Charlotte19 on September 07
queenelizabeth on September 07
Great advice, although some of it is obvious (ie. don't wear ugly shoes :) I just bought my first pair of "real" high heels and am still figuring out how to wear them.
hannahcheeto on September 07
I basically agree with everything you said! I have to remind myself that some of the things older bloggers/chictopians might wear would be frowned upon on a 15-year-old.... But I do quite love heels, though it wasn't until high school that I was comfortable with wearing them. And those Marni shoes are wonderful.
flamantflamboyant on September 07
Your marni shoes are amazing!
Moloko on September 07
Thanks a lot, Camille! I'm now reconsidering getting the Colin Stuart booties starrgirl has (because I can't afford MJ, sigh).

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