Heels and holidays

Updated on Feb 15, 2016
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It was just last week that I told you all about how I have no special fashion expertise - and the fact is, that's still true. But if there is one particular fashion subject I can speak to from years of experience, it's travel style. When I was growing up, no summer vacation went by without a holiday; our family vacations were rarely glamourous and often involved a lot of complaining about the number of educational activities they entailed, but we experienced new places every year in summer, and often in the winter, too. (I remember being personally offended when I found out that some of my friends' parents travelled without them, although I can understand now how appealing that must be for parents.) I went to Europe for the first time when I was fifteen - and, admittedly, quickly learned the appeal of travelling without my parents. After the first few days of wearing my standard issue white runners and school trip backpack, I started to get the hang of mixing comfort and elegance in my travel outfits. (There is, sadly, no photographic evidence of my final, and best, outfit from that trip, but I remember it far more vividly than I remember how I spent that day in Geneva.) Earlier this year, Ian was scheduled to have a weekend off work without even having requested it - it was a shock to everyone - so we made an impromptu trip to Seattle, because I grew up travelling and two days off in a row is as good an excuse for a holiday as any. It was the most beautiful, sunny weekend and I walked all through downtown in high heeled boots, because if I've learned anything about what to wear while travelling, it's that everyone defines comfortable footwear differently. I don't often wear sneakers, so if I break them out on a holiday, I'm likely to get blisters - I may not move quite as fast in heels, but the pace breaks even if I don't wind up limping and searching for bandaids halfway through the afternoon. I went up and down six flights to stairs in these boots to get to the beautiful Seattle waterfront - there's no doubt it was a workout, but a little cardio is always good for you. When it comes to a travel bag, on the other hand, there is a bit less wiggle room. When you're in an unfamiliar place, being prepared for all contingencies - or at least all reasonably possible contingencies - is important. I always travel with an oversized bag, but keep it less than half full. An oversized bag that is less than half full can still hold your wallet, camera, sunglasses, a few lipstick options, bandaids, aspirins, hair elastics and a map, but also has room in case you feel compelled to treat yourself to fresh flowers or a bottle of local wine. I have another trip coming up next month, so I'll be sharing my top three tips for putting together the perfect travel outfit later this week as I started to plan all of my ensembles for that adventure. But in the meantime, it's pouring rain here and I'm dreaming of sunny days in Seattle. And my fifteen-year-old self wants you to know, just like I do, that heels and holidays are not mutually exclusive - although neither of us would recommend doing six flights of stairs in them unless you have years of experience.

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