a guide to big hair and instant dishevelment

Updated on Jul 16, 2008

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seanbri on May 03
i see
tfzeng on November 24
great tip!
powderblue on August 12
I unfortunately (or fortunately, to some) have naturally wavy, huge '80s hair, so most time is spent trying to tame it. But I do that exact same technique when I want more defined curls!
jean on July 31
this is awesome advice! do you have any tips on preventing your hair from flattening throughout the day? once i volumize my hair (w/ hairspray), by like 2pm it just goes back to normal and my hair's just chunky and gross. :(
maximie on July 29
my trick: I twist my hair on a ridicilously high bun (almost on your forehead -bun) and go to sleep. In the morning i let my hair down and its perfectly voluminious and it doesn't take any time at all.
MaleUgly on July 23
WorldUgly on July 29
can't wait to see you try this one out!
brettmanning on July 21
i'm a fan of big hair.... but i'm bias too.....
ClothesHorse on July 21
I tried this out when I went clubbing, I liked the results but I need more practice. Thanks for the tips!
WorldUgly on July 29
oooh would love to see the evidence!
lulu on July 20
Once my hair gets longer I will do this. For now, I think my hair is so big as it is since it is so short. Great tips though!
WorldUgly on July 29
your hair IS big. i am jealous.
bexlea on July 20
Yay thanks for this! I was actually just saying to my friends the other day that I wish I could have messy hair but I didn't know how to do it, so I'm so going to try this!
ensifolia on July 18
i love this. but my hair is wayy long. i'm quite afraid that the effect will go off fast. do i hafta apply more wax then?
WorldUgly on July 19
you're hair is long! mine used to be quite a bit longer and it still worked. you need more hair product though, and some hairspray.
cadburyhero on July 18
i'm so gonna try this! thanks for the tip!
WorldUgly on July 19
excellent. enjoy!
underthestares on July 17
i love your big, sexy hair. i will try this too.
WorldUgly on July 19
great! i want to see when you do.
JLo on July 17
another diy-er i'm going to try! i stupidly got a bob 8 weeks ago though and am impatiently waiting for it to grow out. only 2 cms left...
WorldUgly on July 19
ah that's why i never have a haircut. it always ends up too short. you have to give it a go when it's finished growing out!
jwhoa on July 16
i love big hair! unfortunately, my hair is flat and stringing. i totally try this if i had a hair straightener or curler.
WorldUgly on July 19
i suppose the downfall is that those with very straight and fine hair probably don't own a straightener. you could borrow?

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